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The Steve Weatherford Show | The Secrets To A High Performance Life

Oct 3, 2018

Today’s episode features entrepreneur, author, and business consultant Bedros Keuilian. Steve discusses with Bedros the value of relationships. Goodwill and relationships go a long way in the world of business. Bedros's advice and life experiences will help you realize the value of serving others.


“Stop making excuses, take control of your situation, and rise to your fullest potential.”

-Bedros Keuilian

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1:33 - Bedros’s journey to learning the importance of hard work

6:18 - How to figure out who to invest in and who to have as an acquaintance

10:13 - Spend more time nurturing relationships than building your business

15:29 - Nurturing a relationship provides value

17:48 - Bedros’s wake up call

23:26 - Benefiting from the value of others to realize the value of yourself

30:19 - Living without expectations from others

32:31 - Who is Man Up written for?

33:08 - Being a man of your word and the magical day of Sept. 18th

35:25 - The Empire Podcast Show

37:15 - What Man Up means to Bedros




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