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The Steve Weatherford Show | The Secrets To A High Performance Life

Sep 29, 2020

In order for you to go there, you have to grow there! 

Steve and King Connor share in this episode why having tension in your life will help you grow in your vision and God's calling he has for you. 


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Sep 23, 2020

Steve brings his son Ace Weatherford onto the show to share his journey of 58 weeks of Man Academy. Ace shares what he has loved about his journey in Man Academy and why he wakes up at 4:50 every Tuesday morning. Steve and King Connor also share their thoughts on how young parents can do Man Academy with their sons and...

Sep 14, 2020

It's kickoff week for the 2020 NFL season and Steve shares with you some stories from his time in the NFL including when was cut after setting an NFL record. He also shares the three things you can do to cultivate a pro mindset that will change your relationship with fear and risk.


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