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The Steve Weatherford Show | The Secrets To A High Performance Life

Nov 25, 2022

John Highley popped into my life about a year ago. He also moved to Frisco, TX, pursuing alignment as I did. Since John has become very consistent in my life, I invited him so you can listen to his testimony directly. People call John “Pastor Savage” because he operates the online Church Of The Savage. Besides, he has created many successful businesses in different branches. Pierce Lowe is also present in the discussion and he asks some insightful questions to John. Vision, abundance, faith, being a steward, how not to block God’s blessings, the dangers of pride and how to connect with your inner abundance are some of the topics we cover in this conversation.  

“You need motivation until you become disciplined.”
-Steve Weatherford


In this Episode:

- John Highley introduces himself 

- John’s upbringing

- Answering God’s call

- How did John go from a highschool dropout to a successful businessman

- Breakthroughs that come when battling with other people

- Different mindsets around money 

- How to agreeing with God

Resources Mentioned:

- Ryan Stewman

- Pastor Keith Craft Mastermind

- The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People

- Dent Magic USA

- Chris Peterson

- Jesse Itzler

- Rudy Ruettiger

- Dr. Jordan B. Peterson


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