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The Steve Weatherford Show | The Secrets To A High Performance Life

Jul 8, 2019

Are you letting expectations put on you in childhood keep you from fulfilling your purpose today? God has more in store for you than what you’ve experienced; generational curses, prophecies put on you by people who doubted your abilities, and your past can all be overcome through Him. Join Steve in this intimate episode to hear the audio he listens to every single morning to remember that God has already prepared him for greatness -- all he has to do is lean in with faith. He also explains what generational curses and your mental zip code are, and how you can break their chains. This is a call to action for men: you already have the weapons within you for success. Be prepared to sit with this audio, because if you stay present, it’s going to light you up in big ways.


“Don’t set your goals in relation to your own abilities. Set your goals in accordance with the God you serve.”

-Billy Alsbrooks

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2:56 - The four-minute piece of audio Steve listens to every single day to set his intentions and get fired up

13:56 - Change your mental zip code: The lengths Steve has gone to for approval and why we can’t waste our time looking for external validation

19:35 - Steve’s call to men who are ready to improve their lives, plus the three things he honors every day

22:48 - Listen to this proverb to hear what a “generational curse” is, and how you might be stuck in the cycle of one

30:00 - Are you letting one of these generational curses hold you back?

33:04 - How to drop the victim mentality and adopt a champion culture in your home

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