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The Steve Weatherford Show | The Secrets To A High Performance Life

Oct 18, 2018

Peeling back the curtain, today Steve shares some extremely vulnerable moments and gives you an inside look of what life is like for peak performers with children. You’ll discover the true meaning of commitment and why it’s not contingent on winning or losing and why failing often means you’re doing something right. Enjoy this short solo episode from Steve and remember to be a friend and tell a friend about this podcast!


     “Commitment is a never-ending marathon.”

Steve Weatherford



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1:40  Inspiring Life: Lewis’ new TV Series on Facebook

3:55 Commitment where does it end?

4:27 When Steve questioned his commitment the most

6:22 Why if you’re not failing daily you are wrong

8:00 Are you growing or dying?

8:39 Steve’s dying request

9:35 The constant conflict: going all in as a father vs chasing global impact


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