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The Steve Weatherford Show | The Secrets To A High Performance Life

Apr 29, 2019

Want to break through the walls holding you back? Are you struggling through life and losing motivation? You may want to listen to this episode… and then listen to it again. Steve shares the one principle of life that people like Stephen King, Oprah, and Morgan Freeman have used to make it big late in the game.  Today, you'll hear Steve's solution for developing boldness, purpose, and determination. Also, tear your troubles down now with the 3 B’s of perseverance and prosperity.


“When you hang your value outside of yourself, you’re giving your power away.”

-Steve Weatherford

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1:34 - The difference between The Steve Weatherford Show and any other podcast

3:30 - The ONLY principle that Samuel L. Jackson and others need to live life with boldness and satisfaction

6:40 - Learn how you can join people like Samuel L. Jackson and Tina Fey in the Perseverance Hall of Fame

8:30 - 3 B’s that will drive you to monumental achievements you never thought would be possible

12:48 - Why you WILL fail, but how you can prepare for success after the failure

14:41 - Getting up in age but still want to reach goals? Here’s what you need to know

16:22 - How to have pride in your work, goals, and growth

18:06 - Steve’s favorite part about hosting a podcast


“Work hard at your job and you make a living. Work hard on yourself and you can make a fortune.”

-Jim Rohn


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