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The Steve Weatherford Show | The Secrets To A High Performance Life

Jan 6, 2020

When people go through struggles and hardships, either of these two things happens: they face it head-on and treat it as a gift, or they become the victim and lose in life. Today’s guest has experienced both happiness and grief and has come out stronger than ever. Shawn Stevenson is a bestselling author, entrepreneur, #1 health podcaster, and worldwide health and fitness expert. He joins Steve to talk about his upbringing and how that has affected his spirit and character, and how his personal history has given him the ability to connect with people. Tune in and discover more about Shawn and how he deals with life’s curveballs.


“My health got stripped from me. I went from feeling like a capable predator to feeling like prey. If I’m going to get better, I have to be better.”


-       Shawn Stevenson


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In This Episode:


- What made Shawn love podcasting over other mediums


- How his childhood affected his growth and character


- Who his idols were growing up


- The degenerative disease that turned his life around


- Alignment is the key to living the life you’re meant to live


- The question you ask yourself that will open doors for you


- God puts people in your life when you’re ready


- Why your brain is hard-wired to answer hard questions




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