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The Steve Weatherford Show | The Secrets To A High Performance Life

Jun 1, 2022

Men are often trapped by the constraints of society’s expectations. There is a stigma that when they act tough, it will instigate fear and cause people to step back. But men are also social beings. They need care and affection, and to feel accepted for who they are. It’s because of these needs that they wear masks and assume a character they think people will love. Unknowingly, this mask will slowly strip off whatever “manliness” they initially have until all that’s left is someone they can barely recognize. This episode is dedicated to all men who want to claim back their power. It’s for men who want to regain the reigns of their authenticity and come out fiercer, stronger, and oozing with danger. 
“In order for you to become a dangerous man, you got to be more than just the guy that decides. You got to be the guy who takes action.”

-Steve Weatherford


In this Episode:

- Here’s a revelation that can transform you for good, but it comes with strict requirements…

- This is the new mission of The Steve Weatherford Show…

- Have fun solving this wisdom-filled riddle

- Understand why Steve wants you to create a dangerous man out of yourself

- These are the core values this podcast is built on…

- There’s only one way to shift the course of your life and this is something you, alone, can decide to do

- People’s opinions can ruin your life. Find out how to unchain yourself from these abusive words

- Recognize who you are from the shadows and put that Instagram self in the backseat 

- This is the scariest thing that can turn a man into the most powerful and dangerous being

- An honorable man does this thing…

- A dangerous man knows how to sit according to the temperature of the room

Resources Mentioned:

- Choose Your Hard by Keith Craft

Jesus Is King Shirt

Amino Energy

- If you’re READY to become a DANGEROUS MAN, text the word HARD to 9497635934 and I will send you the Choose Your Hard poem by Keith Craft


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