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The Steve Weatherford Show | The Secrets To A High Performance Life

Oct 27, 2022

I was a Ronin, or a masterless warrior, for most of my life. This means that I didn't have anyone to help me make decisions or to keep me on track. I was just trying to earn my worthiness by achieving a lot of different goals. But then I realized that I needed to get clear on what I actually valued. Once I did that, I was able to create a foundation for my life that was based on more than just winning and excellence. I was able to lead myself and my family more intentionally and achieve the results that I really wanted. If you're looking for guidance on how to develop your own core values and achieve personal growth, then this episode is for you. We'll go through The Weatherford Way so that you can get the clarity and direction you need to make your values meaningful and impactful.


“We are the Weatherford family. We are a fearless and disciplined family that honors and grows always and all ways with the joyful spirit of excellence.”

-Steve Weatherford


In this Episode:

- Learn about the Viking princess process and the core values to lead your family, your team, and your fellow leaders

- How the Weatherford way started

- How to give meaning to core values

- Get clear on your values, on your partner's values, and how to align them with the way you live

- How the Weatherford family created their 6 core values

- Creating personal core values individually versus creating them together with your spouse

- Pointers for couples as they create their core values

- How to be a great leader to your family


Resources Mentioned:

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