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The Steve Weatherford Show | The Secrets To A High Performance Life

Oct 11, 2022

Join this profound conversation with Steve and his lovely wife, Laura, as they talk about the best practices for leading their children. Laura shared some examples of how they’re teaching them to live up to the core values they’ve set for the family. They also talk about the value of being on the same page as parents, of not having a mom’s way or a dad’s way, only the Weatherford way. Through this conversation, you’ll learn how leadership can begin at home and the best way to start if you want to lead entrepreneurs and fellow leaders.

“Our last name is Weatherford, so we call it the Weatherforward way. One of our core values is discipline. If I'm the one who is disciplined and then mom is not disciplined, then it's no longer the Weatherford way. It's dad's way or mom's way.”

-Steve Weatherford


In this Episode:

- Learn the importance of having family core values

- Mom’s way versus dad’s way - why there should never be such things

- Be a thermostat not a thermometer 

- Learn about the Weatherford way

- How to make values-driven business decisions

- Why the skill of getting on the same page is essential to lead entrepreneurs and fellow leaders

- How unity is depicted by having your partner or your team’s back, especially during decision moments


Resources Mentioned:

- Laura’s blog - pending link

- Get 15% off Brain MD supplements using code “WEATHERFORD15” at checkout


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