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The Steve Weatherford Show | The Secrets To A High Performance Life

Nov 26, 2018

Are you living an unfulfilling life? Change it! That’s what Steve Weatherford did! Join Steve and his wife Laura as he takes you on his journey into becoming an entrepreneur.

Entrepreneur or not, you need to hear how you can become satisfied with your life. Look into the mind of Steve Weatherford as he explains why he decided entrepreneurship was the best way for him to live his best life.

“Be authentic. Be real. Be honest.”

-Steve Weatherford

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1:54 - How to distinguish between instant gratification and lasting happiness and why you need to choose the latter

6:51 - Why you need to involve your family in major life decisions and how Steve came to the decision of retiring from the NFL

9:44 - The difference between team accomplishments and personal achievement and why you need to be able to distinguish between the two

15:17 - Why you need to make goals and why you need to make your goals public to push you towards your maximum potential

22:59 - The process of creating the #ARMageddon program. How you can serve and give while also asking for investments from other people

30:56 - What is the definition of an entrepreneur? Why you need to create and give from your heart and alter your life to do so

37:45 - Entrepreneurs: Utilize this tip from Steve Weatherford to take your marketing to the next level for your customers

40:50 - How to identify and pursue accomplishments that give you a more lasting satisfaction with your life

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