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The Steve Weatherford Show | The Secrets To A High Performance Life

Jul 29, 2019

You may have noticed Steve’s content on social media changing recently. It’s for a good reason: he’s been on a vision quest and has radically reconstructed his life with the help of spiritual mentors, coaches, and prayer. Rather than prolonging your life for a few years with better gut health and some bicep curls, he’s ready to make eternal change by leveraging his gifts for the Kingdom. He comes at you from the sauna today for some real talk about what’s been attacking his spirit, how he’s come to understand his purpose, and his new program, The Championship Playbook. God is going to judge us on two things when we reach the gates of Heaven, and Steve is going to start preparing you for that with this episode.

“How radical would it be to stand before the person who created us and have Him say, ‘I am so pleased with you’?”

-Steve Weatherford

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5:03 - Why Steve’s content has been changing over the past few months

8:18 - The spiritual attack Steve is addressing with his mentor and the first thing God is going to judge us on

14:13 - The second thing that will be on our spiritual report card

16:49 - Steve’s new mission and his Godly reconstruction

22:57 - The vision quest that led Steve to create the Championship Playbook with his wife, mentors, pastor, and business coaches

27:38 - Why you need to trust that God will qualify you for your mission, even when you feel inadequate



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