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The Steve Weatherford Show | The Secrets To A High Performance Life

Jan 28, 2019

Stories have power. Never underestimate the power of a good story. Steve invites his good friend Jaclyn DellaTorre onto the show to share how their stories have helped him. Jaclyn is a hairdresser and author of the book Chapstick Eater: Exploits of an Oddball. She shares her short stories and the power that lies within them. In times of depression or difficulty, hear why friendships and the stories that come out of them are the best medicine.

“I want to be a regular person, but I’m not.”

-Jaclyn DellaTorre

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3:28 - How Jackie became the person she is and how a family makes a significant impact on our memories

9:29 - Haircuts unite people: How Steve and Jackie met and what Steve said to her as soon as he sat down in her chair

17:10 - Looking back at Project Prom: How Steve and Jaclyn helped to give a school in need some of the best memories they will ever have at their senior prom

26:11 - Playing softball and scaring troopers is what Steve likes to do at Yankee Stadium - What Jackie and Steve experienced at the celebrity softball game

32:19 - Facetime craziness - What happened on the birth of Steve’s daughter named after Jaclyn

36:26 - Looking into the NFC Championship game - How Steve, Laura, and Jackie celebrated the epic win

44:45 - Exploits of an Oddball: How Jaclyn’s weird talents and passions have led to her latest work and why these stories are important

48:48 - Everyone needs a friend like Jackie: Why you need to promote friendships like Steve and Jackies, and the thing you need to do if you don’t have that friendship




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