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The Steve Weatherford Show | The Secrets To A High Performance Life

Feb 7, 2023

I didn’t become a World Champion on my own. I was one of 53 guys on the New York Giants football team in 2012 when we defeated Tom Brady. You, too, will make the most significant impact in your life with what God has given you through cultivating relationships.


There are many different types of relationships. Aside from my relationship with God and my relationship with my wife, my connections, in general, are the most valuable part of my life. Before starting a relationship with Jesus, I was very transactional in my relationships with other people. I was doing something for them to receive something in return. But now, I’m not seeking to compete with others. Instead, I’m looking to complete them. 


This episode is about relationships and how to be the best at them. A solid philosophy, boundaries, standards, and rules are necessary for every relationship, not for protection but for growth. Pursue people that value what you value, and you will understand that your alignments determine your assignments. I hope you find this information helpful. God bless you. 


“You might have a great gift that will take you out of your circumstances, but if you choose to allow that gift to be around low-level people that are not living life in order, you’ll ultimately gonna take that gift and use it doing the wrong things.” – Steve Weatherford  


In this Episode:

- Four things that all relationships need in order to grow 

- Standards, boundaries and rules in relationships

- What made me become intentional about my relationships 

- The what, the how, the when and the why of relationships

- My family’s values in relationships 

- Filters to put in place when meeting someone

- Learning how to let a friend go


And more…


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