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The Steve Weatherford Show | The Secrets To A High Performance Life

Apr 1, 2019

What’s the key to propelling your business towards incredible success? And how do you make sure your family and marriage are being built on solid values? Calvin Wayman did exactly that when he entered into the entrepreneurial lifestyle with his wife and kids. Calvin took the risk of leaving his family traditions and faith behind to pursue his dreams and master the skills he was born with. Now, he helps businesses improve their social media marketing, is the host of the Curious Podcast, and helps people out of debt and into prosperity through the Prosperity Loop. Listen to this episode to hear incredible stories of Calvin’s unusual childhood, his road to inspirational success, and how you can break free of your creative limitations to be the role model your kids need.


“I believe that people are innately awesome and innately good.”

-Calvin Wayman

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5:50 - Can’t imagine running a full marathon? How about 2 at once? Calvin shares what it’s like to push your body beyond its mental limits and RUN a 50-mile race

16:56 - The difference between exercising and challenging your body to its maximum capacity

24:43 - Polygomy and religion: How fear created Calvin’s own hell outside of religion

42:00 - How to elevate your perspective of life by breaking your boundaries of success and using your inner skills to dominate as an entrepreneur

49:52 - If you’re married and trying to launch your entrepreneurial journey, then hear why you might have a secret weapon right next to you

59:07 - Marriage and the Morman faith: How Calvin’s unusual backstory produces valuable insights into identity and tradition

1:06:05 -  Unlock your inspiration to do good: The difference between spirituality and religion

1:14:25 - Dating vs. Arranged Marriages: Why experience teaches your kids more than their education

1:23:20 - Should your kids be homeschooled or public schooled? Calvin gives you the guidelines you need to make the right decision




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