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The Steve Weatherford Show | The Secrets To A High Performance Life

Feb 11, 2019

Listen to this episode and start conquering anxiety, parenting, and traveling. To give you the info you need to dominate in these areas, Steve talks with Craig Ballantyne. Let Craig and Steve guide you towards constant productivity. As a successful life and business coach, Craig knows how to produce results.

Craig dealt with panic attacks and anxiety at the lowest point in his life. Find out what he did to regain control and flourish. Also, hear some strategies for parents and entrepreneurs who have a busy schedule but want to stay productive.

“By taking 3 hours off, it actually gives me 10 hours of productivity in the week ahead.”

-Craig Ballantyne

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3:55 - How you should properly view hope and take advantage of the people around you to make progress against depression

10:12 - 3 tools that are guaranteed to help you if you consistently struggle with anxiety

18:25 - What happened when Craig first realized he was having a panic attack and how social media made that anxiety 50% worse

26:08 - You should analyze your friends and time. How the 2 biggest influencers on your productivity affect your anxiety and depression

33:33 - Worried about parenting perfectly? Don’t worry. Craig has this one tip for you to ease your anxiety as a parent

39:24 - This strategy will help you become the best parent you can be--How you can use the people around you to jumpstart your parenting skills

44:30 - Living life by the 80/20 rule: How your mindset and health is affected by traveling as an entrepreneur

54:24 - Have you ever wanted a time machine to right wrongs? Why you need to analyze your perspective and actions towards humanity


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