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The Steve Weatherford Show | The Secrets To A High Performance Life

May 27, 2019

What does it take for a kid from Logan Heights to become an NFL legend? Terrell Davis knows that our world is built on probabilities; no one thing can guarantee your success, but there is work you can do to better your chances. Earning the nickname Boss Hog as a kid playing ball in San Diego, T.D. is now a two-time Super Bowl Champion, part of the 1990s All-Decade Team, and a Pro Football Hall of Fame inductee. He sits down with Steve in this episode to share how adversity shaped him, what got him back on track after losing his father, and how he’s parenting his own children for greatness. T.D. and Steve also discuss the physical toll of professional sports and T.D.’s newest venture into the CBD business for wellness.


“We live in a world of probability, and if you do all of these things, your chances for success go up... Give yourself a chance to win.”

-Terrell Davis

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9:31 - How “T.D.” started out as “Boss Hog” and the reason he quit football as a kid

14:10 - How Terrell’s late father instilled discipline and purpose into his children, and what it’s meant for Terrell as an adult

20:31 - What you need to do to raise your children to have more opportunities than you had without creating a sense of entitlement

26:48 - How do you care for your body after decades of physical work? Steve and Terrell discuss the effects of medication and CBD’s future in professional sports

46:29 - One night can change everything: How Terrell found stability again after his father’s death, and why he started playing sports again

56:42 - What it means to be a pro: Practice isn’t about punching the clock to go through the motions

1:10:08 - Why you can’t let loss or your drive for competition allow you to become emotionally unavailable

1:28:50 - Parenting for greatness: How to teach your children to make pro decisions




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