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The Steve Weatherford Show | The Secrets To A High Performance Life

Jun 3, 2019

What is the most important thing your partner needs from you to feel loved? How can we be intentional in our relationships and show up for what counts? In this episode, Steve is joined by his wife Laura to talk about what you need to do to be more in-tune in your marriage, provide a well-rounded life for your kids, and build your family on a foundation of faith. They give a transparent look into how they’ve struggled to balance their marriage and the one question that helped Steve become a better husband. You’ll also hear an exciting announcement about a project they’ve been working on to impact your life from 360 degrees.


“What proves trust is accountability and consistency.”

-Laura Weatherford


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9:20 - The power of consistency in building relationships

15:40 - How distractions impact our ability to stay consistent and intentional

17:49 - Laura and Steve share how their marriage changed after Steve’s retirement, and the two things you need to prove trust in a relationship

26:17 - Why it’s important to stand your ground on what you need from your partner

31:29 - The one thing you need to ask, and the one thing you need to be a better partner

43:21 - Well-rounded families need 360 degrees of personalities: How different types of love contribute to relationships

46:31 - Why you need faith as the foundation of your family

49:10 - An exciting announcement about what Laura and Steve have been working on


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