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The Steve Weatherford Show | The Secrets To A High Performance Life

Mar 7, 2023

I’ve always been into biohacking, dating back to my NFL career when I tried supplements, spent time in a hyperbaric chamber, and did all sorts of blood tests to improve my physicality and performance. At around that time I came across Dr. Amen who’d just launched Brain MD


I’d tried adderall which made my moods erratic, and so I went to see Dr. Amen at his clinic with my son. We spent money on brain scans to better understand how my brain had been negatively impacted by physical trauma, and how my son’s brain was still developing. 


I learned so much about my brain and the divine uniqueness with which God created me. It allowed me to shed the shame of the label ‘ADHD’ as I learned how my brain is supposed to work. Instead of choosing chemicals with harsh side-effects that were retarding me, Dr. Amen led me to an all-natural solution. I’ve been taking BrainMD for over ten years now and I haven’t looked back. 


Dr. Amen has indirectly given me Grace in so many areas of my life — and I thank him for that. I couldn’t be more grateful to be in conversation with him today as he shares his wisdom ahead of the launch of his new book, Change Your Brain Every Day. Please join us. 


“One of my gifts is to take complex information and make it really easy to understand.” ~ Dr. Amen

In this Episode:

- How Dr. Amen has scanned over 350 NFL players with high levels of brain damage

- Look at your brain — and then love it!

- Happiness, effectiveness, and learning to love your brain

- Why most psychiatric problems are not mental health issues, but brain health issues

- What does fattening your brain look like?

- If you have a fit brain, you’ll be fit physically

- The bigger your temporal load, the more likely you are to believe in God

- How does an analytic brain (such as Dr. Amen’s) allow for a relationship with God?

- What does legacy look like to Dr. Amen?

- How to know the difference between chemical and spiritual depression

- Becoming a fan of accurate rather than just positive thinking 

- Dr. Amen shares on his new book – daily exercises you can apply as you learn to love your brain


And more…

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