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The Steve Weatherford Show | The Secrets To A High Performance Life

Mar 25, 2019

Have you wondered where your insecurity comes from or how it could actually be for your benefit? Learn how to use vulnerability to create success. This episode features Steve’s interview on Dave Meltzer’s The Playbook Podcast. As the CEO of Sports 1 Marketing and a successful entrepreneur, Dave has started to use his success to lead others towards happiness. Listen to this episode and you’ll learn how to find satisfaction in life, turn negative thinking into a positive mindset, and create a championship culture for your kids.


“I’m making it my declaration in 2019 to talk about my struggles more”

-Steve Weatherford

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1:22 - How to identify true life-changing value in a conversation and in a person

4:51 - Want to know how to create overwhelming motivation? Steve reveals why he was more motivated than anyone he’s ever encountered

9:30 - The key to a successful and satisfactory life: Why you need to separate your worth from your results

13:58 - Fathers: You’ll be surprised at the level of impact you have on your children through the good and the ugly

16:25 - The secret that every successful person has that they SHOULD be sharing

21:30 - Everyone thinks negative thoughts, but David has one strategy to help you fast-forward to the positive thinking that will help you create influence

24:10 - How Steve plans to create a championship culture in your family, marriage, business, and more

27:24 - 3 ingredients to create extreme success in your life and the lives of your children




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