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The Steve Weatherford Show | The Secrets To A High Performance Life

Jan 14, 2019

Do you feel like you don’t have control of your own time? Then this episode is for you. You have control over your own time and you need to use it for success. So listen to this episode to start giving purpose to every second.

Today’s show features Steve’s time on Andrew East’s podcast Redirected. Andrew is both an NFL Long Snapper for the Washington Redskins and an entrepreneur. Join Andrew and Steve as they talk about how time management is essential to achieving goals. Listen in to find out how your mindset can help you master time management.

“Constantly recalibrating your goals is really what’s going to allow you to fulfill your destiny.”

-Steve Weatherford

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5:08 - Experiencing their first games in the NFL: What it took for Andrew and Steve to reach the point of stepping onto an NFL field for the first time

13:13 - The most important characteristic Steve developed throughout his upbringing and how that translates to his goals, family, and business

19:50 - Why Steve wants to be a BIG BAD DAD: Realizing the control you have over your career and family leadership

28:29 - Having trouble getting your mind off work? Steve’s 2 ways you can get away from the work mindset and become present with your family

31:40 - The right way to waste time on Instagram. How to manage your time to include the things you enjoy but in a way that promotes productivity

37:25 - What the next steps are once you achieve a goal and why you need to celebrate a win

44:17 - The most rewarding part of Steve’s NFL career. Surprise: It’s not necessarily winning the Super Bowl

51:03 - Taking success in your own hands: How Steve has adapted his skills to maximize his success and elevate other people’s success

59:35 - 3 pieces of advice you Steve received that can help you master your time



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