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The Steve Weatherford Show | The Secrets To A High Performance Life

Feb 18, 2019

Does that little voice inside your head keep tearing you down until you give up on everything? Well, you can fight that voice. Today, take a sneak peek into the insecurities of the most successful people on earth. Steve Weatherford invites Ed Mylett onto his show as one of the Top 50 wealthiest people under 50. But you’ll hear how Steve, Ed, and other outstanding people fight their insecurities and selfishness.

After the massive success of Steve and Ed’s episode on the Ed Mylett show, Steve had to have Ed on to share his experience. If you’ve started to give up on your dreams, then Ed will share how you can use gratefulness and determination to get your win. Listen now to get real and fight that negative voice in your head.


“I am a man who is flawed, who makes mistakes constantly, and who makes progress.”

-Ed Mylett

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6:37 - How Ed uses the little things like keeping promises to make 8-figures

13:27 - Ever feel like there should be more to life? How Ed and Steve maintain authenticity and sanity in the middle of massive success

23:13 - You know the baggage and curses that haunt you. Hear how you can use the TSA to improve yourself and get rid of guilt

31:51 - Selfishness can actually be used for your good if you make adjustments in these 3 areas of your life

41:02 - Find out how you can close the 3-4% gap between you and the character of your most admired person

48:33 - If you’re headed towards the unknown, then you need to do these 2 things to be successful on the other side of the unknown

1:00:58 - Insecurity wants to fight you into submission, but Ed wants to tell you how to take control and discover your real power

1:09:50 - The voice in your head is the same voice that exists in Tom Brady’s head: Why your focus and purpose creates your success

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