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The Steve Weatherford Show | The Secrets To A High Performance Life

Feb 25, 2019

From Pro Skater to $40 Million Entrepreneur, Mikey Taylor joins Steve as today’s featured guest. Hear how Mikey’s childhood influenced every aspect of his life. As a skater, he was living his best life but still seeking the approval of others. Today, he is the president of Commune Capital and host of the AVNI Interviews Podcast. Mikey uses this opportunity to give you a behind the scenes look into his own motivations. Hear how his childhood leads him to skate and create a multi-million dollar business. To reach Mikey’s level, you’ll need to change 3 patterns you have right now.

“I feel good when I’m accomplishing.”

-Mikey Taylor

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4:38 - Mikey shares how your passion creates your perspective on the world

11:45 - How Mikey got to create skate videos as his job while making over $100,000 a year

21:32 - College wasn’t necessary for Mikey or Steve, and it may not be necessary for you. Find out how to make money through E-commerce and Entrepreneurship

29:43 - What you should avoid and what you should take advantage of if you constantly seek the approval of others

37:44 - For the parents who want to raise championship homes, hear 3 habits you have that you need to get rid of to be a good example for your kids

46:16 - Remove this one word from your vocabulary and your entire outlook on life will change so that you become more successful and spend less time accomplishing tasks

53:15 - 5 ways that Mikey is improving his marriage, and it’s as simple as sending a text!

1:03:18 - Mikey and Steve reveal why your childhood experiences control you for the rest of your life


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