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The Steve Weatherford Show | The Secrets To A High Performance Life

Jun 24, 2019

Are you sowing the seeds of your time, talent, and money for God or your own benefit? When you’re caught up in the expectations of the world, you’re not investing in God’s gift that gives an eternal return. Noah Elias is an artist, author, philanthropist, and a man on fire for God. Today he joins Steve to challenge you to stop settling as a “believer” and allow yourself to be a leader. Noah shares how you can leverage your life for the Kingdom and discover exactly what your purpose on Earth is. He and Steve also discuss what happens when you give your life entirely to God, live a life of obedience, and allow yourself to give and build righteously. Get ready, because Noah even has a few special gifts for you at the end of the episode.  


“You are going to be measured at the end of your life at the judgment seat of Christ on three things: the time you had, the influence you possessed, and the potential you had."

-Noah Elias


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2:49 - What’s new with Steve and Laura and what they’re praying for this week

8:32 - How Noah went from trying to find his identity in toxic relationships to leaning into being obedient to God

23:04 - The paradigm shift that allowed Noah to understand sacrifice for significance, and the three things with the greatest ROI in your life

30:58 - The two necessary ingredients for living in a life of faith

36:37 - The phases of using faith to get through “paper tigers” of fear, and why embracing fear is a chance for blessings and righteous confidence

46:59 - Your time, talent, and money are all seeds. What are you sowing?

54:35 - Doing the Father’s business: What we can learn from Paul using tents as an underwriter for bringing people to God, and how you can know exactly what your calling is

1:02:42 - Are you making room in your life for faith? Here’s how judgment and negativity take up valuable space that God could fill

1:08:51 - Noah’s prayer over you

1:12:25 - How to get your free gift from Noah




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