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The Steve Weatherford Show | The Secrets To A High Performance Life

Dec 6, 2022

It’s a privilege to be able to introduce my friend, Travis Ala. A man who is truly on fire for God. A former Marine and police officer, Travis has served his country and been served divorced papers - twice! He was raised Mormon and he's now blazing his own trail in his relationship with God as an entrepreneur, coach, and speaker. 

While softly spoken, Travis' message is loud and clear: you can overcome past setbacks in a life of selfishness and achieve things beyond your wildest dreams if you stay mindful of what you can bring to life, rather than what you can get out of it. 

Travis candidly shares his life story, how he found God, and the success he's enjoyed with his iCRYO 'biohacking center' franchise. This is a conversation about leadership, faith, and coming to terms with your relationship with God. Get out of religion and into relationship. Please join us. 

The way God wants us to have a relationship with him is that when we make a mistake we think 'I gotta call my dad because he's gonna know exactly what to do'. When you bring your problems to your father instead of trying to hide them, it's a completely different dynamic.” - Steve Weatherford  

In this Episode:

- How to be authentic as a leader in your church

- Reconciling past shame with being on fire for God now

- Do you have to conform to the way the church wants you to do things?

- Moving to Frisco to start a new life 

- Being baptized in 2019 

- Life as a mormon

- What are Mighty Men?

- Understanding iCRYO 

- Making your business about service rather than about yourself

- Going from a mercenary to a maestro 

- Seeing yourself as God sees you

- And more…


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