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The Steve Weatherford Show | The Secrets To A High Performance Life

Nov 11, 2019

There are only 50 days left in this decade and it’s about time for new resolutions. But the big question is, where you able to accomplish all — or any — of your resolutions for 2019? Today, Steve talks about how you can get yourself ready for 2020 by starting now. He shares how you can think about and set your intentions at the micro level, and how you can steal a page from his book to make sure you’re protecting your mindset. Grab a cup of coffee and join Steve to stack the deck in your favor for 2020.


“If you don’t believe, eventually you’re going to run out of gas.”


- Steve Weatherford 


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In This Episode:


- Why you should think about intentions on a micro level instead of a macro level


- The purpose of creating a vision board, and how it can help you achieve your goals


- How to get intentional in your life


- The #1 thing to do to can protect your mindset


- Steve’s big goal for 2020






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