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The Steve Weatherford Show | The Secrets To A High Performance Life

Mar 18, 2019

Hey Goal-getters. Your journey towards successful fitness, finances, relationships, and business needs an upgrade. Tommy Baker has found the 4 secrets to long-lasting personal success and he is ready to share them with you. Tommy is a fitness and breakthrough coach through his Resist Average Acadamy. He is also the author of the book The Leap of Your Life. You’ll learn how to make success happen instead of waiting for it. He has discovered how to use the deeper meanings of life to create exponential growth. Tune in and you’ll hear how to win FREE materials to enhance your business’s motivational environment.


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“When they come to me to make more money, I don’t even talk about their business… I’m going to unleash their purpose.”

-Tommy Baker

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2:20 - The journey that EVERYONE goes through and 2 questions that need to be answered along the way

9:23 - Tommy started searching for the kind of wisdom that 67-year-old men wish they learned. Find out how you can do the same and increase your life’s potential

16:39 - In a life crisis? Hear the strategy that will help you get out of that storm and help you avoid crises in the future

25:00 - 3 ingredients to survive and thrive in an ever-changing environment

34:35 - Why you need to get past the external inspiration of time-collapsed progress to create the internal character that produces double the success

41:21 - Stop waiting! If you want to live life without regret, then Tommy shares how you can get in the arena and make your success happen instead of waiting for it

49:29 - The possibility of the unknown shouldn’t scare you. Learn how to LOVE looking 5 years ahead

55:38 - Try to achieve real growth and you’ll always experience symptoms.  Tommy shares what those symptoms are




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