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The Steve Weatherford Show | The Secrets To A High Performance Life

Jan 24, 2023

Athletes are committed and obsessed with mastering the 168 hours available per week. And I treat the men that I coach like they are athletes. Not only do I give them accountability, but I also stretch their vision to go beyond what they consider to be possible. 

Every year I choose twelve men to work with weekly at an executive level. So every seven days, I come back together with each of them and coach them in the way I was coached when I played in the NFL. How do these sessions work? We would look at the actions they took the week before. We look at the things they did well and the things they didn’t do well. We make adjustments and scout the opponent for next week. We are really only looking a week ahead at a time. But the coach has the ultimate vision for the season, the playoffs season, and, eventually, the Super Bowl. Besides work, I held similar sessions with my family. 

In this short, practical, and tactical episode, I talk to you about the most vital hour of my week. But, more importantly, I teach you how to choose one hour of the 168 hours you have every week and how to maximize it.


“I’m coaching my children the same way that I’m leveling up really high-level men. And, really, it’s just seven days at a time.” – Steve Weatherford 


In this Episode:

- Why I treat my coaching clients like they were elite athletes

- Characteristics of my most important hour of the week 

- Time of the most important hour of the week

- Analyzing core values

- Creating a vision 

- Checking vitals 

- Meaning of the General’s Tent 

And more…


Resources Mentioned:

- Freedom Council 

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