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The Steve Weatherford Show | The Secrets To A High Performance Life

Dec 24, 2018

Feeling overwhelmed? Live in the &! Today’s episode features Steve’s wife Laura, who wants to introduce you to the idea of “Living in the &”. Imagine doing more than you are now and NOT feeling overwhelmed. That’s what Living in the "&" can do for you. Hear how you can do MORE with your time by changing your mindset, managing your time, and setting life boundaries.

“When you stretch out and add more things to your plate, you get to ask for support.”

-Laura Weatherford

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1:06 - What’s going on with the Weatherfords--What Laura got Steve for his birthday

3:07 - Steve and Laura reveal why they’ve been living overwhelmed

5:35 - Living in the &: What it looks like for Laura to have a balanced life while avoiding the “overwhelmed” state that everyone hates

7:19 - The 2 most important ways Steve & Laura’s life has improved by Living in the &

11:46 - The difference between Living in the & adding too much to your schedule

14:11 - Steve’s goals for 2019: Why you need to set boundaries in your life

16:29 - 3 tactics from Steve and Laura for you to transform your overwhelming schedule into a balanced life of Living in the &

20:22 - 3 characteristics that you need in your life to live balanced and succeed at time management


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