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The Steve Weatherford Show | The Secrets To A High Performance Life

Jan 21, 2019

This is Steve’s most vulnerable episode yet. In this episode, Steve shares his story on the Ed Mylett Show. If you want to know how to find fulfillment in life and create impact, Steve and Ed will tell you all you need to know.

Ed Mylett is one of the Top 50 Wealthiest Entrepreneurs Under 50. Steve is a Super Bowl Champion and a Successful Entrepreneur. But what they’ve found is that those don’t mean anything if you have the wrong mindset. The right mindset leads to the right lifestyle. Listen to start your journey towards maximum satisfaction and impact in life.

“If you don’t love yourself… you’re always going to chase recognition and you’re never going to be fulfilled.”

-Ed Mylett

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7:41 - Difference is good: How Steve grew up competing against other elite athletes and his own self-doubt

13:38 - The Super Bowl isn’t enough? Steve’s struggle with sports, self-love, and achievement and why recognition can’t replace acceptance

19:21 - The 1 habit you need in your life no matter how much money you make and no matter how many things you accomplish

27:36 - What it takes for you to own your success. The mindset you need to develop in order to take advantage of your accomplishments

34:15 - Why drugs and alcohol are the natural destinations for anyone who doesn’t have the right mindset towards achievement

40:21 - Are you exhausted? What you’re doing that feels right but is actually ruining your life and tiring you out

45:30 - How to reevaluate your past and move forward with motivations that will make life 10x more meaningful

53:14 - Your relationships affect more than you know: How Steve has taken his negative childhood experiences to create positive parenting experiences for his kids

1:02:20 - What authenticity truly looks like: Why trust and genuine care will fulfill you more than anything else



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