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The Steve Weatherford Show | The Secrets To A High Performance Life

Jun 10, 2019

If you want to go after your high-performance life, you have to get accountable, vulnerable, and grateful for the opportunity. This week, Steve shares a special episode where he’s on the other end of the questions. He recently appeared on Mark Whittle’s Take FL1GHT podcast where they discuss their common drive to work toward their peak-performance lives. They chat about the secret to reaching your goals, the number one person you need to be accountable to, and what it means that you “get” to live life. You’ll also hear Steve get raw about his experience with addiction, his relationship with his grandfather, and his football career. You’ll walk away from this episode understanding the important role your perspective plays in success and some high-performance tactics you can act on today.


“Live in the moment, because the moment can be taken.”

-Steve Weatherford

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4:30 - Quick fixes don’t push you forward. Why you need to seek clarity and live like it’s a privilege

23:51 - The difference between happiness and satisfaction and how you can learn to be accountable to yourself

31:18 - What does a hyperbaric chamber do for your mind and muscles?

35:35 - From soccer beast to football superstar: How Steve found his passion for football and the story of his first NFL contract

43:47 - Is competition good for you? Plus the three things you need to crush your goals and be proud of yourself today

53:06 - How Steve’s grandfather inspired him with confidence and drive, and why it’s important to share our vulnerabilities

1:05:44 - Which athlete is Steve’s biggest inspiration? Also hear why you shouldn’t plan for a productive day tomorrow, and instead plan to have an accountable day

1:10:48 - What does failure do for us? How you can reframe what failure means to you

1:12:18 - The big realization Steve had after winning the Superbowl and what it means to choose happiness

1:22:40 - Three takeaways from Steve that you can implement today


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