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The Steve Weatherford Show | The Secrets To A High Performance Life

Apr 8, 2019

Focus is a finite resource; where is yours being depleted? In this episode, Steve shares his interview with Lillian Garcia, a singer, songwriter, and former host of Monday Night Raw on her podcast, Chasing Glory. Steve gives a glimpse into the week leading up to the game that gave him the title “Superbowl Champion”, the advice that helped keep him grounded, and how it’s translated into his work as an entrepreneur. He and Lillian discuss focus, self-worth, and why dedication to mental training is as important as your physical health. Listen to Steve as he gets vulnerable about his struggle with mental health and explains why focus is the key to living a high-performance life.


“It’s not talent, it’s not work ethic, it really comes down to focus.”

-Steve Weatherford

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10:25 - Steve’s story of chasing glory all the way to Superbowl XLVI, and the biggest piece of advice that got him through an incredible week

17:43 - Measure nine times and cut once: Why you need to eliminate distraction

22:08 - How doubt has motivated Steve, and why being elite in anything comes down to focus

31:06 - How Steve’s self-doubt stole much of his journey, how he realized he wasn’t happy, and what he did about it

36:00 - Can you train yourself to be happy? How Steve put the same focus on his mental health as he had on his fitness

42:30 - Are you watering the weeds or the flowers? Why you need to be selective with how you spend your time, and how focus cultivates your gifts

47:08 - The mental rigors of being on a team, and what Steve would say to people who are living in the past

56:14 - Does Steve’s high-performance life affect his kids? Hear why Steve doesn’t keep Superbowl memorabilia displayed in his home

1:11:48 - How has Steve’s chase for glory changed over time? Why you need to detach yourself from the result and learn self-forgiveness


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