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The Steve Weatherford Show | The Secrets To A High Performance Life

Feb 4, 2019

Want to be like Steve Weatherford or special guest David Meltzer? It’s not about the money or skills! Today’s episode is all about controlling your mind to maximize your time. Learn from Dave Meltzer, a business coach, 2-time Best-Selling Author, CEO at Sports 1 Marketing, Keynote Speaker, and Award-Winning Humanitarian. To do so much, Dave had to make the most of every second. Hear how you can change your perspective about 2 things to boost your productivity.

“Be a student of your calendar.”

-David Meltzer

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3:21 - Analyze your morning routine: How you can make even your sleep productive

7:45 - You’re missing out on valuable time to be productive! What you need to look for in your calendar to maximize your time and your relationships

11:49 - Don’t ruin your relationships by acting on the wrong feeling. How you can use your habits to distinguish your feelings

15:20 - Want satisfaction? So does David. Why you’re not so different from Dave and Steve

20:25 - The #1 thing that Dave and Steve struggle with--You may not be alone in how you feel

25:23 - There is one thing that you carry with you everywhere that you need to question. What you’re forgetting to analyze when doing your self-evaluations

29:44 - What you need to do instead of going with what everyone else wants you to do. How you can realize your own dreams by raising your intentionality

32:26 - Being honest in the middle: Why you need to be real and connect with David Meltzer


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