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The Steve Weatherford Show | The Secrets To A High Performance Life

Nov 2, 2022

For the third time, I got to sit with my wife, and this time around, she’ll be sharing her phenomenal experience with the 75 Hard Personal Development Program. I’m still in awe of her sheer discipline and how she managed to pull it off, knowing that what she went through was not an easy feat at all. What I am more in awe of though is the result and the impact being in that program has brought not only to her health and well-being but her overall disposition and mindset. Could this program actually be what you’re looking for to change your life, for good, too? 

“When she told me she'll do the 75 hard, I looked at her and said, 'are you sure?' because I knew everything that was involved. I've seen some of my really hardcore disciplined friends take 6 months to finish it.”

-Steve Weatherford

In this Episode:

- Laura shares what the program is about and the kind of preparation you need to make before joining the program

- What motivated her to join the program

- What 75 days can do to change your life for the better

- The 7 disciplines she had to embrace and live up to for 75 days 

- All the experiences she went through while going through the 75 Hard program

- The 5 keys to success and transformation with the 75 hard program


Resources Mentioned:

- Transcend

- Man Academy

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