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The Steve Weatherford Show | The Secrets To A High Performance Life

Aug 26, 2019

How can you disconnect from results so that you can stop wearing yourself down and make real progress? You have to fall in love with the process. In this emotional episode, you get to hear Steve’s passionate speech from the SpartanX Leadership Forum, a conference for the highest caliber leadership teams in the world. Steve digs into how he stopped chasing results after decades of looking outside of himself for happiness, how he learned to forgive the man in the mirror, and how he found joy in his growth. You’ll hear why your internal development is mandatory to balance everything else in your life, plus the answer to some burning audience questions. Don’t miss your peek into this elite event and one of Steve’s most vulnerable talks yet.


“The hardest things that we’re ever going to do are not going to be physical things with our bodies. It’s going to be having conversations with ourselves.”

-Steve Weatherford

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In This Episode:

  • How Steve’s desire for his father’s approval led him to focusing on all the wrong things
  • People will speak things over your life; here’s why you don’t need to accept their words as truth
  • If there is something you’re seeking in life, is it something you can just ask for?
  • Why you have to be prepared to forgive yourself if you want to make progress in other areas of your life
  • Training your reticular activating system: Why you need to keep looking for opportunities and room for growth
  • Why you have to make personal development a priority 
  • How to create an operating system for your family so that you and your spouse are on the same page
  • Why you have to disconnect from the result and fall in love with the process of living


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