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The Steve Weatherford Show | The Secrets To A High Performance Life

Dec 13, 2022

What does it take to go from being on the couch to running a 5 hour marathon? And what does it mean to grow in your spiritual authority as a man, as a husband, and as a father? It is my great pleasure to be chatting to Brian McKittrick as we unpack the answers to these important questions. 

Brian is a personal friend who came into my life about a year ago. He is an insurance and finance specialist, and is also the international bestselling author of "It Ain't Rocket Surgery - 21 Simple Tips that will Take Your Sales to the Moon!"

He's an inspiration for many reasons, one of which is his ability to set his mind to something – and then do it. Together with Pierce 'The Big Showe’ we're talking about Zone 2 running and what it takes to become a marathon man. 

There's even a challenge for you to become a marathon man, and have Pierce as your personal trainer. Bring your eyes to see and your ears to hear God's word. This is a good one!

“When God designed us, he didn't design us to be sitting behind a computer. He created us to go climb over a 9 mile mountain and kill a lion or a gazelle, and throw that 150 pounds of meat over our backs, climb 9 miles back over that mountain, and feed our kids.” – Steve Weatherford  


In this Episode:

- Running a sub 5 hour marathon from not running at all

- Training revelations 

- Knowing what you want and being able to pay your price to get it

- Giving up your life for Jesus at a secular event

- What is heart rate training? 

- Running Five Peaks

- Inspiring others to realize their full potential

- Why enhanced physical fitness is good for your business

- What is your 'misogi'(annual challenge)?

- How to become a marathon man

And more…


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