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The Steve Weatherford Show | The Secrets To A High Performance Life

Dec 17, 2018

Do you want to wake up every day as a successful leader? Listen to today’s episode to hear from Michael Strasner, a Transformational Trainer and Coach. Michael joins Steve and Laura to tell you about the 12 Distinctives of Master Leaders from his book Mastering Leadership. Hear how you can leverage your leadership for maximum success. Tune in to start elevating your influence now!

“If you’re committed to mastering leadership, then you have to be the author of your own life.”

-Michael Strasner

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3:28 - How Michael and his leadership has shifted Steve and Laura’s marriage and family towards a higher vision

6:54 - What the GOAL of leadership is and how everyone can unite to create a greater influence on the world

11:13 - The biggest challenge of life and the key to Mastering Leadership that YOU need to take control of

16:15 - The difference between followers and people who can create innovative leadership in themselves

19:13 - How John Lennon inspired Michael and his motivation behind Mastering Leadership

21:59 - How leadership and success go together: The dynamics of teams like the Patriots, Saints, and Giants that create a culture of success

29:02 - Why you NEED the 12 Distinctions of Master Leaders and how you can elevate your impact on others

33:07 - Get a template! What Steve says is his template for enjoying life more, creating more success, and waking up as an influential leader




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