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The Steve Weatherford Show | The Secrets To A High Performance Life

Nov 19, 2018


Do you know if you’re truly happy or just being comfortable in your work? On today’s episode, Steve and Laura talk with Josh Miller and answer this question and more. Josh is a Master Certified Coach and bestselling author. Find out how to be grateful and learn how to do the Be-Do-Have formula that will help you achieve true happiness and fulfillment in work and in life. Josh even has a gift for listeners at the end of the show so don’t miss this one.


“You can’t win at life if you’re losing in your mind.”

-Josh Miller



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3:10 – Building relationships and Josh’s background and struggles in New York

6:17 – Meeting the person that will change his perspective in life

9:00 – How Steve and Laura met and found a true friend in Josh

13:20 – Pursuing goals and the importance of having a big and authentic ‘why’

16:45 – Why Josh left his successful career at advertising to be a certified coach

22:04 – Difference between being happy and being comfortable

27:24 – The Be-Do-Have formula to achieve genuine fulfillment and happiness

32:47 – How to have gratitude and start doing the Be-Do-Have formula

35:18 – Why his book is not a self-help book but a self-care book




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